Choosing your address

A web address you can list in all your ads

While other online music teacher advertisement services give you an "address" like this:;=true&userid;=5618

our solution is for you to be able to create something friendly enough to actually go on your yellow pages ad or business card - eg:


It's up to you. Which is the whole point.

Your address is in two parts...

The first part of your address (the bit immediately after the www.) can be any combination of letters or numbers you like. Most teachers use their own name, or the name of their studio.

Your address will then have another dot, and then the second part - which this time is something you choose from a list of choices, and is designed to reflect the instrument or style you teach.

So if you are Mike Jones , teacher of clarinet, you might set up:



How we're able to offer this

To make this range of choice possible, we have acquired the rights to a huge collection of instrument specific domain names. These "domain names" are the final part of your web address, and are the bit you choose from a list.

To save you time, once we know what instrument you teach, that list will automatically fill up with domain names suited to that instrument - and leave out the names that are irrelevant.

You can change it later if you want to

Given that you'll be adding your web address to all your stationery, you won't want to change it lightly, but if you ever need to, it can be done in an instant. So if your studio is renamed from "Clarinetter" to "Windywoods", then you could change your web address to reflect this.

It's first-come-first-served though

No two webvertisements can exactly have the same address, so it's possible that your first choice might already have been taken by somebody else. So be careful if you're renaming your studio - once you create the new name, your old name might be snapped up by another teacher.

No punctuation please

The first part of your web address can include any combination of letters or numbers, but NOT punctuation of any sort. So: is fine, while www.clarinets! is not.

Similarly, will not work.

Your own choice of professional email address

We've made it possible for you to have an email address that reflects the fact you're a music teacher - so you can include it in your other advertising.

So if your studio website was, then you might want as an email address to match it.

Because you already have an email address (we had to send your username and password somewhere!), we've designed this so that anything sent to your new professional address gets forwarded automatically to your old address.

Adding your new web address to your stationery and other advertising

Here's why that's such a good idea.

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