Music, a passion for many celebrities

Music, a passion for many celebrities

Just as music transforms the world, you as a celebrity can also change the world. When celebrities hear the still small voice from within and harken to it, their efforts thrusts them to soar high as eagles, and their impact and influence will illuminate the globe.

Choosing your address

A web address you can list in all your ads While other online music teacher advertisement services give you an “address” like this:;=true&userid;=5618

Listening in on your studio

The fact that your webvertisement allows you to upload sound files opens up plenty of new ways to excite prospective students about your studio. But aside from a personal “welcome” message from you, how can letting visitors listen to your…

Your studio NewsTicker

Up-to-the-minute studio news Your webvertisement comes with a useful tool that scrolls studio news and information for your visitors. And since it’s your site, you can change this news whenever you need to.