accords de guitare

Comment apprendre les accords de guitare ?

Savoir jouer d’un instrument musical est une chose très intéressante et passionnante. La guitare fait partie des instruments musicaux les plus prisés actuellement. Toutefois, la difficulté, pour son apprentissage, réside dans la maîtrise des accords. Ainsi, comment apprendre la guitare facilement ?

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Combining forces with other teachers

One great way to be able to cope with the cost of a large ad is to create a group of teachers. The group then shares both the ad, and all associated expenses. In this way, six teachers can co-operate to ensure…

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Calling on your Strengths

Before you start selecting the various elements for your campaign, you need to make sure they are working with your own particular strengths and weaknesses—not against them.

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The art of fee-setting

So…what’s half an hour of your time worth? Your webvertisment allows you to be very clear about what your fees are – including any scholarships, discounts or group rates you might offer. Be careful though – the numbers you choose…

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The power of photos

Allowing prospective students to see inside your studio Your webvertisement comes with a photo gallery, complete with the ability to add captions to every shot. The end result is that prospective students will be able to undertake virtual tours of your studio…

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Introducing your studio blog

Your studio “blog” feature One of the exciting things about running PracticeSpot is that I can add articles or resources whenever I like – I’m not limited to “filling in” areas that have been pre-created. Now you can do the…

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