Your studio NewsTicker

Up-to-the-minute studio news

Your webvertisement comes with a useful tool that scrolls studio news and information for your visitors. And since it's your site, you can change this news whenever you need to.

Easy updates for always fresh news

You can update your News-ticker information whenever you like, as many times as you like, and there's no limit to the number of items that you can scroll. You can delete old news, and add brand new stories. Any changes you make will display instantly at your website - so the news is always as fresh as you want to make it. So what to include? Try these:

Newsticker idea #1: Announcing upcoming studio events

Instead of just mentioning that your studio has regular mini-recitals, include the dates in your News-ticker. Visitors will be able to see for themslves that your studio offers more than just lessons. In fact, they might even turn up to the advertised concert to check things out.


Newsticker idea #2: Competition announcements and results

Again, so visitors can see the energy and creativity that goes into your studio. So if your studio runs a Scales Champion of the Universe Award as part of a technical work focus, use your News-ticker to give the rules of the competition, encouragement to the participants, and accolades to the winners.


Newsticker idea #3: Scheduled absences and reminders

Particularly for the students' area, the News-ticker becomes their reliable source of breaking news in your studio. So if you're going to be at a conference and need to cancel a week of lessons, add a note to your newsticker.

You can similarly use it to remind students about public holidays, and semester dates. Or that they need to be quiet when they knock, becaue your new baby is probably sleeping. Or not to park on the front lawn - whatever you need.


Newsticker idea #4: Student-of-the-week awards

Or best practicer. Or most improved. Or congratulations on 100 lessons. Scrolling pats-on-the-back to make your students feel special - and to let prospective students know that you're serious about positive reinforcement.


Newsticker idea #5: Trivia and jokes

All work and no play makes Jack's parents look for another teacher. You can lighten up News-ticker content - and keep visitors reading longer - by including carefully selected trivia, music jokes, or "did you know?" information about the instrument you teach.


Newsticker idea #6: Practice tip of the week

Rotate this one, and remind visitors that your help doesn't end when the lesson does - that your students are fully supported in the six days between lessons.


Newsticker idea #7: Music book exchange announcement

So that students don't have to buy brand new books every time. Whenever a student has finished with a book, they can have you post the details to the News-Ticker to see if anyone's interested.

Prospective students will be appreciative of this money-saving initiative.

No two teachers will use it the same way - so we're very curious to see how you'll use it. See our samples for some more ideas

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