Listening in on your studio

The fact that your webvertisement allows you to upload sound files opens up plenty of new ways to excite prospective students about your studio. But aside from a personal "welcome" message from you, how can letting visitors listen to your studio help you get more students?

Highlights from your last recital

It doesn't need to be audiophile - as long as you had some way of digitally recording your last recital, then you can upload a file with selected highlights from that recital. What better way to promote your studio than to show evidence of what your teaching produces?

Testimonials from students

It's one thing to blow your own trumpet, but the accolades carry more weight when they're delivered by somebody else. Chat to former and existing students, and find out whether they would be prepared to record a couple of sentences outlining what they like most about working in your studio. Combine the responses into a single sound file, and you've got a great testimonials reel for your webpage.

Audio tour from you

A chatty recorded introduction to your teaching studio - much as you would if someone had rung up and asked you to describe exactly what your studio offers. A $10 microphone from a local electronics store is all you need - plug it into your computer, hit record, and start talking. (This is exactly how the movie demos at this site were created!)

Hearing your voice like that helps your studio feel real to the visitor. If you're able to sound friendly, engaging and creative, then they'll assume that the lessons will be friendly, engaging and creative too.

Personal accolades for your Student-of-the-week

It's one thing just to mention them. It's quite another to record a message for the world to hear. If you've got a student who has worked hard enough to qualify for your student of the week, outline exactly why proud you are of them - and then upload so that prospective students can hear it too.

End result? Apart from the fact that the student would be walking on air when they see their name, it's a great way for prospective students to experience you as an Encourager. That awards in your studio aren't just an idea - they happen for real, and you go out of your way to make the recipients feel as special as they deserve to.

Don't write off a welcome...

Your audio file doesn't have to be packed with information about your studio for you to sound friendly and approachable. You could simply welcome the visitor to your website, and perhaps draw their attention to any key areas that you want them to notice.

There's worse ways to charm prospective students than to warmly welcome them to your webvertisement - and when they meet you for real, they'll feel like you've met before.

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